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Special Report: How to Make Money in Bad Economy

Over the past year hundreds of people have asked my opinion about various business opportunities for making money from home so I have been looking closely at what is out there and trying to separate the good from the bad. There is a lot of bad out there but I have uncovered a few gems. One in particular caught my attention because it involves a gentleman I've known of for several years. His name is Bill Bartmann.

On their cover, Inc Magazine called Bill Bartmann "The Billionaire Nobody Knows." What is even less known than Bill himself is his story, which is arguably the most astounding "rags-to-riches" development in U.S. business history.

Bill Bartmann went from...

- Homeless (lived under a bridge viaduct)
- Gang member
- High-school dropout
- Alcoholic
- Paralyzed (and told he'd never walk again)
- Completely bankrupt with cars repossessed become the 25th wealthiest American, with a net worth at the time that exceeded the likes of Donald Tr…

Officials in 50 states launch foreclosure probe

State officials are finally investigating what is looking more and more like a major fraud and cover up. Either bank employees were completely ignorant of State and Federal laws governing the mortgage and foreclosure process or they were complicit with their employers in knowingly approving foreclosure paperwork that was not properly verified and accurate. One mortgage company lawyer has already admitted to signing thousands of documents without reading anything.

This is a major story and one that we will follow closely. For the past two years a handful of lawyers across the country have been working on behalf of people facing foreclosure and using the "show me the note," defense in making the case that foreclosing entities did not have the right to do so based on not having original and accurate paperwork.

Last Friday the largest bank, Bank of America, ceased all foreclosure sales until it sorted out its situation in regard to having proper paperwork and procedures in place…