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Are You An Impulsive or Compulsive Spender?

Jo Bittoff of, who has nearly four decades in the credit, collections, consultant and banking industries says, in truth, it's hard not to spend impulsively or compulsively. We live in a society that bombards us with ads, data and subliminal messaging that suggests we NEED to have more and more and more. Our appetite for possessions is never satisfied.  Believe me when I tell you that no matter how many material belongings you manage to accrue, odds are that for many, it will never be enough.
The messages we get (up to hundreds of times a day, by the way) play on our insecurities by suggesting that we NEED to be sexier, faster, have whiter teeth, wear a label on our butt, be stick thin, live in the right neighborhood, and drive the best car. It's never-ending. By listening to these messages we are indoctrinated into understanding that simply being who we are, living within our means and displaying an unlabeled butt flashes the …