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Finding Summer Work

It's tough enough for adults to find work these days and it is expected that High School and College students will encounter another tough summer of trying to find work. But, here are a few suggestions of businesses where students might not normally think to apply for summer work:
Museums and Other Cultural Institutions
Summer is a busy time for Museums which are always looking for affordable help and don't require much in the way of previous experience. It is also a great way for a young student to enjoy some interesting and educational shows and exhibits for free. Golf Courses, Tennis and Recreation Centers
Golf courses are plentiful and usually need seasonal workers. Caddying, landscaping and working in the restaurant and pro shop are some jobs available to teens. Other than caddying, no special golf knowledge is needed for most jobs. While there are fewer Tennis and Recreation centers around, they offer a great opportunity for young people to stay active and ea…

Smart Moves when Moving

Nearly 40 million Americans move each year. If you are planning a move, it makes sense to avoid mistakes that can cost you money and time, and raise the stress level of the entire family.
Overspending and inadequate research are the two most common mistakes when moving to a new home, according to USAA and author Sandee Payne, who as a military spouse, has moved all over the world seven times in the first 10 years of her marriage, at times on her own and with children while her husband was deployed. Payne has learned many important lessons. Here are her seven most common mistakes families make when they move:
Spending beyond your budget. Be aware of the hidden costs when buying a home. Consider the financial obligations beyond a mortgage that add to the cost of homeownership, including: city taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance - not to mention the length of a commute, given the fluctuations in gas prices. And remember updating expenses such as granite counter tops, …