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Are you getting tired of doing without?

After months, and even years of working to pay down debts and not spending money on much else, a family can start to tire of the discipline required to stay on track month after month with no splurging or spending on "fun" things. Some families get used to the minimalist lifestyle without much effort, while other families constantly struggle under the strain of watching every dollar so carefully.
For many people, it's similar to trying to stay on a diet. Depriving oneself of favorite foods eventually can lead to binging. Eating one, seemingly innocent potato chip, can lead to eating an entire bag. The same thing can happen with spending deprivation. Every marketing channel around us, from TV to the Internet, is screaming for us to spend money. It's not easy to avoid the temptations for long. Many individuals and families destroy months of successful financial management and debt reduction with a few days or weeks of uncontrolled spending and borrowing o…