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The Psychology of Holiday Shopping

11 Ways to Outsmart the Overspending Impulse
In addition to a festive time spent with family and friends, for most of us the Holidays mean a small fortune spent on gifts and other non-necessities. Leslie Greenman explains why we feel so compelled to shop till we drop during the Holidays-and how not to do it this year.
Were you tempted by the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offers? Were some of the sales so good that you veered off your Christmas list a bit, buying items for yourself in addition to a few other holiday extras? Did you internally justify going over budget because, “Heck, it’s Christmas! I deserve to splurge a little!”? Were you careful to keep a “what I don’t know can’t hurt me” mentality about you and your spouse’s financials, staying in the gray to ward off any guilt that might come with overspending?
If you answered yes, yes, yes and (embarrassed blush) yes, Leslie Greenman says your brain has been hijacked by the psychology of overspending. She w…