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You’ve been Pre-Approved apply!

Nice try credit marketers...but no thanks. You should know that when we talk about reading every offer carefully and looking for the “between the lines” meanings of marketing offers, we are talking specifically about terms such as this.
Note, the marketer is using the term “you’ve been pre-approved,” or, sometimes they use “you’ve been approved” to apply. The key words are “to apply.” So, while you’ve been pre approved, you still must apply just like everyone else who has not been approved.
It is simply a marketing trick to get you excited and insinuate that you have some special status when, on the back of the piece you’ll see the magic get off the hook words “if your credit history is verified as acceptable,” or “if your credit meets the criteria for this offer;" or some other term that basically says you must qualify based on your Credit Report and Score.
There is nothing special in this offer except it is an offer to apply for credit or a loan of some type. Don’t be fooled by b…

The price Paris and the World must pay

Vive le France!

A time to stay strong and a reminder that Terror knows no bounds and civilized people everywhere are at risk, especially in high profile, democratic strongholds around the world.

My Grandfather was born in Paris so I feel the sting of this cowardly attack on a place I identify with in part as a homeland. I wonder what he would think of this news? How would he react. Having lived through two world wars, the Korean War and Viet Nam, perhaps he might not be so shocked. He would be angry though, as we all should be. He was a man of peace who believed in working hard and building a successful life. He would have no tolerance for those who wish to destroy the world around them.

The price of terror is very expensive in resources, riches and lives but I pray that leaders worldwide have the courage and the wisdom to do what is necessary to help us navigate, somehow, to a more peaceful world.

My God bless the victims of this attack and hold their families in the palm of his han…