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A New Year's resolution that will Change YOUR Life!

While others start 2017 with hopes and dreams of doing better financially, you must do better than that. You must release your faith and expect big things to happen for you in 2018.

Why? Because right now you can bring on a supernatural change to your financial circumstances with the power of a strong belief that things will turn around in a positive way. No matter how long you've been under financial stress, you can overcome these circumstances and end this year much better off than you are right now.

Why should this happen to you? Because it is within you to make these positive changes happen. You have been ordained to succeed. It's your birthright. You live in the greatest country in the world where you can change your circumstances just as surely as the sun rises each glorious morning.

But, watch out! It's also within you to remain in your current situation. Yes, you can keep yourself locked up in financial distress. So many linger in a state of limbo waiting for something to be done TO them to change their circumstance when they hold the essence of change within them.

This may sound way out and mystical to you but, believe me, you have the power of change within you if you will only believe with full conviction and confidence that you can and WILL make positive changes to your financial circumstances. Don't worry about how to do it. Just believe that you can do it.

Don't you and your family deserve so much more out of life? You have no limits on what you can accomplish except for the limits your own mind puts on your life. If you constantly think that you won't ever get out of debt, won't ever make more money, won't ever get a better job, won't ever pay off your credit card bills, you will get what you think.

However, if you believe strongly that you and your family deserve more out of life. That you will get out of debt, that you will lend and not borrow, that you will get a raise, you will get promotions and better career opportunities, that you will start a business, you will get what you believe.  What you think about you will bring to pass... positive or negative.

So stop focusing on the negatives all day. What you don't have. Instead, think positively about your situation. Even if your situation right not does not look all that promising, you should think about what it will be like when you own your own home, when you pay off your last credit card, when you get a bid raise at work, when you can afford a new car of your choice rather than the cheapest one you can find.

My friends, you may not realize how powerful your thoughts are. Everything starts with thoughts. Every great idea, every success, every inventions, every fortune started with positive thoughts. And you are just as capable of framing positive thoughts as you are negative. But, where do negative thoughts get you? I should ask, where have they gotten you because part of your problem right now may be your thinking!

Make your 2017 resolution to begin thinking positively about getting out of debt and increasing your financial resources.  If you believe strongly enough you can make this happen but there is no room for doubt. None. Zero. Believe with all your heart and visualize yourself in the financial position you want to have.

May God continue to Bless You and Your family.  Let's make it the best year ever...together. I am here to guide and support you the entire way.



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